Nr 1/2017

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Gästredaktör: Tomas Bergström, Louise Bringselius, Irvine Lapsley & Anna Thomasson

Tomas Bergström & Irvine Lapsley: On the Elusive Nature of Modernisation in Government

Teres Hjärpe: Measuring Social Work – Quantity as Quality in the Social Services

Elisabeth Carlstedt & Katarina Jacobsson: Indications of Quality or Quality as a Matter of Fact? “Open Comparisons” within the Social Work Sector

Jean C. Mutiganda, Giuseppe Grossi & Lars G. Hassel: Modernising Management Processes in Elderly Care

Thomas Carrington: Consulting or Holding to Account? Riksrevisionen as an Agent of Change in Swedish Public Administration

Louise Bringselius & Marja Lemne: What Qualifications does Good State Audit Require? The Profiles of Ten Auditors-General

Anna Thomasson: Professionalization vs Democratic Control – Are They Mutually Exclusive in Collaboration for Local Service Provision?

Louise Bringselius & Anna Thomasson: Balancing Stability and Change in the New Weberian State

Hans Knutsson: Advocacy Coalition Learning – Biases and Heuristics in Policy Implementation

Mats Fred & Patrik Hall: A Projectified Public Administration – How Projects in Swedish Local Governments Become Instruments for Political and Managerial Concerns

Peter Fibiger Bang: Imperium og Republik, Verden, Europa og Rom – Et essay om moderne statsdannelse i et oldtidsperspektiv

Magnus Erlandsson: En statsvetenskap i samhällets tjänst

Lovisa Brännstedt: Femina principes: Livia’s position in the Roman state. Anmälan av Martin Hall.

Sarah Fine & Lea Ypi (red.): Migration in Political Theory. The Ethics of Movement and Membership. Anmälan av Björn Östbring.